1: Owing to an issue with our domain registration company this website was temporarily taken down yesterday for a short period of time, the issues have fortunately now been resolved and the website (obviously) is back up and running again.

The Minecraft server was unfortunately semi-affected by this issue, although the server did remain online and accessible while the website was down, albeit you would have had to connect to the server via its direct IP address ( instead of the usual mc.manicsend.com address.

I've amended the servers MOTD that is displayed in your clients multiplayer server list to include its direct IP address, you all may want to edit the server address in your client to this direct IP address, as this should at least keep the server accessible to you should any further issues like this occur (which hopefully won't be the case).

Apologies for the inconvience.

2: An issue with the paintball minigame was identified recently and has since been resolved. The minigame should now be working as advertised.

3: As mentioned on the front page of the website, a jobs plugin has now been installed on the server.

The same maximum number of jobs per rank limits apply as on our previous 1.8 server, these limits are as follows:

3 jobs - Civilian/Apprentice/Worker
4 jobs - Designer/Builder/Engineer
5 jobs - Architect

To view a graphical interactive list of available jobs in-game type:

/jobs browse

With the list displayed you then have the option to either view info on a particular job or to join a job directly from the list.

N.B. Taxes are currently disabled. The earnings for each job will be monitored and may be adjusted up or down as deemed necessary in the future.

If you have any questions or find any issues with the plugin please do let us know.