We are pleased to announce the introduction of an all new minigame to the ManicsEnd server - Color Shuffle.

This minigame can be played as either a singleplayer or a multiplayer game, and can be accessed by the interactive arena signs in the Server Information booth at /spawn on the server.


Currently the minigame has three custom built arenas, each with it's own unique theme.

N.B. If playing the minigame as a group the first person to click on one of the arena signs will start a 60 second countdown during which time the rest of the group will also need to click on the same sign in order to all join the same arena together. The number of players waiting to join, or who are in a match in, a particular arena will be displayed on the signs when a queue/match is active.

Additionally, each players inventory will be saved by the minigame during play, and will be restored once the player has been returned to /spawn either after a match has finished (for that player) or if the player types /color leave at any point during a match.

As for the actual gameplay, the basic aim of the game is to be standing on a square of the same colour as indicated by the panels in the arena walls before the timer runs out, at which point the rest of the floor will drop away. The selected colour for each level in a match will also be displayed in your inventory hotbar as well as in the in-game chat. Note that with each successive level the timer to get to the next colour will get slightly shorter meaning the game gets faster and harder to win as the match progresses.

Finally, as we've only just finished testing on the minigame, if you do happen to encounter any problems with the game or any of the arenas, please do let us know.

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the minigame.