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GarsupialSo, it's been a while.

Admittedly, this post might not even take off, given the fact that the server has seemingly been dead for a while.

Under this alias, a lot of long-time veterans might not remember me, but I formerly went by creeper_evan, and then subsequently Evan61401.

I just really wanted to let out a bit of a heartthrob to everyone here, especially those who were on the original manic miner server with me back in the good old days.

Really, I've come to see manic miner as a very integral thing in my life, a small internet community that I was part of for a while that just made me feel welcome.

Yeah, I know that being all emotional and sentimental amount a minecraft server seems dumb, but I honestly couldn't care less.

I might try and be active on this new iteration, but being a functional adult stands in the way quite prominently.
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wurm99 Supervisor  Hello and welcome back. The server itself is not dead, but it is definitely different than it used to be in your time.

It switched to Version 1.11.2 for about one year and is now back at 1.8.8.

It is now a place for building and some own-designed games and projects. We would be pleased about your return.
ManicMiner   Welcome back Evan.
joshua836 SupervisorI want to mention to any Windows 7 Players, Windows 7 will not be supported by next year 2020, and for any Windows 10 players, your support ends by the year of 2025, Windows 12 is supposed to come out sometime this year of 2019, I'll update you if I get anything else!
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DarkStorm58 WorkerSo what happens after you fill out a staff application?
wurm99 Supervisor  I donĀ“t know what exactly happens because you are the first one since I joined who applies in that way.

But it should be like in the real word: testing, checking, practicing, talking.
DarkStorm58 WorkerSo its DarkStorm58 but i accidently put my username on here as jct9994. can somebody tell me how i can change that. cause im also worker rank but it is showing im civillian on here.
ManicMiner   Try going to the 'About Me' tab on your profile page, from there if you hover your cursor over the 'Basic Information' section an Edit button should appear, click on that and then change the name in the window that pops up, then click Save.

I don't know if that changes the username on your account or if it just affects the Basic Information section, but it's worth a try.
DarkStorm58 Worker  Thank You Manic!
ManicMiner We are pleased to announce that the server is now up and running again.

Please note that the manicsend address currently does not work, however we are currently working to fix this.

In the meantime, in order to access the server you will need to use the servers new numerical IP address, as listed in the Server Status window on the right side of this webpage.

Thank you for your patience.
DavidB246 Sorry guys and gals for the major BOOBOO. I was out of town and didn't realize the email I received about the server.. I have opened another one and just forwarded the info to Manic.. Be patient, and it will be up and running again before you know it. I will think of something special for all of the players who play. Thank you for being understanding..
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ManicMiner   Further to this, later on today I will be uploading the server files that I manually saved from the old server onto our new one.

This process will take at least a couple of hours to complete, after which I'll want to test things to make sure everything is working as it should do.

Once it's ready I'll update the Server Status window on this page and I'll post here again.

Thanks for your patience.
ManicMiner -Important News-

Recently our server subscription came up for renewal, unfortunately David was away at the time and was unable to get back in time in order to contact the hosting company to pay the renewal fee.

This has meant that the hosting company have closed our server and removed any automated backups of our server files that their systems routinely make.

Because the server was actively being used I have suggested to David that we should take out a new subscription, onto which new server I can reupload a copy of the server files that I manually saved, however this manual backup is a couple of months old, which of course means that everyone will have lost the previous two months worth of resources and construction time.

This also means that in-game ranks will have reset, however what I will do, at least for those of you who have accounts here on the forum, is manually adjust your in-game rank to match your current forum rank so you don't lose the time you spent on the server. Just let me know if the ranks don't match up and I'll fix it for you.

For anyone who doesn't have a forum account though, if they have a recent screenshot of themselves on our server that shows their rank, i.e. from talking in chat, if they can somehow get a copy of that screenshot to me here on the forum in a PM, I'll gladly adjust their in-game rank as well if needs be.

Apologies for the inconvenience, hopefully normal service will resume shortly.
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wurm99 Supervisor  No problem, if there is something where you need help, just tell me. Sad of course that some buildings might be gone, but we can rebuild it
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wurm99 Supervisor  Hello, welcome to the forum of the server
Robin__07 EngineerFinally Engineer, for some reason it still doesn't say i am in the website for me
wurm99 Supervisor  The website is not the server itself. A bit patience and it will be done
Robin__07 EngineerMerry Christmas Everyone!!!!!! i wish you all good luck and to be happy this year, next year, and for eternity
wurm99 SupervisorMerry Christmas and a happy new year
ManicMiner Merry Christmas everyone.
Robin__07 EngineerJoshua, Luna, MLP. i Request you come today, or more favorable, Tommorrow
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